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Bear In Super Action Adventure is a side scrolling flying and shooting game. The bear in the game is the hero of his planet and he is in no mood to allow the invaders to take over his planet. He will be using the weapon that he has to kill them. The fight will last for a rather long time because there are 20 levels in the game. As the bear flies around he has to keep away from being hit by the enemies and he should always look to collect the useful items floating in the sky. The money collected can be spent on upgrades which are very important.

Defend your planet against green rabbit and his evil minions in this shooting game with lots of funny voice acted cut-scenes and in game conversations.Upgrade your hero and unlock special abilities to defeat these evil villains.

Stop the rabbits from invading your peaceful planet! Bear in Super Action Adventure challenges you to stay alive among deadly bunnies. There are funny cut-scenes before each mission. Shoot the hopping invaders to protect your furry family!

Game Features:

  • Upgrade health and Weapon by collected money.
  • 20 Level to unlock.
  • Various enemies.
  • Colorful graphics with high quality.
  • Easy to control the hero movement.
Phone and Tablet compatible.


bear_in_super.apk (22 MB)

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