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Bear In Super Action Adventure is a side scrolling flying and shooting game. The bear in the game is the hero of his planet and he is in no mood to allow the invaders to take over his planet. He will be using the weapon that he has to kill them.The evil bunny is back and he is worse than ever before. The home world of the Bears is being invaded by the Rabbit and his armies. You have to save the planet once more! Take out the forces of the Hare in the ultimate animal bullet hail shooter game. Make sure you are always upgrading the Bear and his abilities too!
The evil rabbit has once again try to take over Bear's planet, he is not going to stay idle while that happen. Help Bear take up arms against the invading forces.
Go back into battle against a mutant rabbit! Bear in Super Action Adventure 2 pits you against an army of flying animals. You can fire a constant stream of bullets at the angry monsters. Spend your gold on better health, rocket fish, and regeneration!
A cool bullet-hell shooter. Upgrade your weapons and stats after each battle to become stronger and more powerful.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


bear_in_super 2.apk (29 MB)

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