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To Sherlock Holmes, Mr T was always the Tea Shop owner. This chronicler has seldom heard him mentioned under any other name, most likely to prevent confusion with the Rocky III guy. In his eyes he eclipsed and predominated the whole of his tea-making profession. So it was to our mutual dismay when Police Inspector Jason Bartholomew came round and informed us of his ghastly murder. The poor man had apparently been drowned in a giant cup of his own tea! And not even the good stuff! This cannot stand! Come! the game is afoot in Sherlock Holmes: The Tea Shop Murder Mystery, a short point-and-click adventure from the folks at Carmel Games.

Click around to interact and pick up items or talk to a person, and click on something once it's in your inventory to use it or to combine it with another item. Leaving an area will take you to the map screen, and new areas to travel to will become unlocked as the game goes on. Sherlock Holmes: The Tea Shop Murder Mystery isn't exactly the most faithful adaptation of the Conan Doyle canon. In terms of investigative competence, let alone voice-acting, Cumberbatch, Brett, Downey and Rathbone are way out in front, with Detective Grimoire only slightly behind. It's a work that's designed to appeal more to fans of the author's other works rather than of The Sacred Writings, as it were. But with that in mind, there's quite a bit of fun to be had: the acting is campy, the puzzles are goofy, the humor is silly, and it comes together to make a charming, if breezy, ten minute romp. And if, like the great detective, you need brain-work or else will fall back into your seven percent solution habit, then deciding to play Sherlock Holmes: The Tea Shop Murder Mystery should be... well, let's say "rudimentary".


Sherlock Holmes.apk (17 MB)

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